Comic 18

This is one of our favorites. We both thought it was one of our better ones, but then something happened to me and it helped confirm it. I was sitting in my Fiction class at Weber State and our comic was being printing in Weber State's newspaper at the time. I hadn't had a chance to check out our comic that day, but then I heard another kid in my class start laughing while he read the paper. Then he handed the paper to his friend while he was laughing and said, "This is hilarious. Check this out. That's totally happened to me!" When I saw it was our comic, my insides started to burn with well-deserved and genuine emotion. I teared up a little bit when I called John and told him the story. I had actually witnessed a positive, completely candid reaction to our comic. We both sat back and envisioned all of the other reactions that had taken place that we just weren't lucky enough to witness.

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