Comic 17

As with many of our comics, the "real Alan" and the "comic Alan", are completely different. The "real Alan" was a debonair ladies man who always had one or two girls on his arm. The "comic Alan" however as displayed in this comic has a little trouble with women, which we delve into further in future comics. This strip also marks the first time Cameron has a symbol on his shirt. John has had the "pez shield" in honor of a t-shirt Cameron gave John back on their mission. (which he still has and wears) We deliberated for a while on what symbol we should use. We wanted something equally sentimental. We ended up choosing an abstract symbol from a video game that we would play late into the night while our wives slept. Seriously we spent hours playing this game together. You don't get to see the symbol to well in this comic, but it is it's debut.

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mmilius said...

Okay this one is my fave! You guys crack me up!