Comic 07

This is one of Me and Cameron's favorite comics. Unfortunately Cameron's stupor in the middle two frames are all too real. Were I to actually be sitting and writing a letter in real life he would struggle to find something to explain the irregular behavior. This made it easy for us to transfer to comic format. Incidentally the bowling pin which sits in this comic for no apparent reason, was simply to pay homage to the actual bowling pin we received as a trophy when Cameron and I became the unlikely winners of a Dance competition at a Sandy bowling alley in 1999.

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Anonymous said...

Remember it was a "dance-off" between me, you and two other (kinda cute) girls? During the final segment while you and I were doing our Moon Walks and sommersaults, those two girls jumped up and started grinding with in the middle of the crowd. I remember thinking "I've never grinded with a stranger before... at least not while standing up."

Long live the bowling pin.